I’m an Architect

from Istanbul, Turkey.




Izel was born and raised in Istanbul. She graduated with an Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Bahçeşehir University, faculty of Architecture and Design. Izel has since worked at a number of well-known practices in Turkey.

As a keen traveller, Izel enrolled in an exchange program at Mukogawa University in Osaka, where she collaborated on the roof structure design of Koshien Stadium. This life-changing opportunity allowed her to explore cultural, educational, geographic, and historical differences that influence perceptions of architecture around the world. These experiences led her to pursue a career outside of Turkey.

Since then, she has explored different fields to gain a better understanding where her skills can be best put to use. Five years of work experience in design offices, construction sites, and in sales has enhanced her knowledge about the collaboration between different disciplines. Along the way, she also started her own Instagram project focused on graphic design and art prints.


Design makes difference 

in a way we live, think 

and communicate.

My main interest in architecture and

design comes from the enjoyment of

experiencing new cultures and environment.

I believe that good design should shape

the future of humanity.

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